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Veterinary Equine Boarding Benefits

Keeping horses is one of the most rewarding experiences for animal lovers. Horses are noble creatures that deserve our respect and care. As a horse owner, you are no doubt aware of the tremendous responsibilities of owning one or more horses. They are unlike any other farm or ranch animal and need special consideration, even when the owner is away from the homestead.

When leaving for a day, a weekend, or a week, it’s essential that your horses have adequate food, water, shelter, and safety from predators and other dangers. The only way to make sure they have this 24/7 is to have someone on hand to care for your horses. If you don’t have that, then other arrangements need to be made.

Thankfully, veterinary equine boarding is available for short and long-term stays. Whether you wish to keep your horse full-time at a veterinary equine boarding facility or simply use the facility when you need to be gone for an extended length of time, there are tremendous benefits to veterinary equine boarding.

Vacations Are a Breeze

When you use a veterinary equine boarding facility, you can easily take off on vacation at a moment’s notice. You will always know that your horse is being well taken care of, by professionals who know and understand how to manage horses. You will not have to postpone trips until you have searched and found someone capable of taking care of your horses. All you have to do is to bring your horse to the boarding facility or keep your horse there full-time.

You Don’t Have to Clean Stalls


If you choose to board your horse full-time, you can look forward to a life free of stall cleaning. As you know, cleaning stalls is a daily task that can be quite arduous. Yet, not doing the important task on a regular basis can have a detrimental impact on the health of your horse. If you don’t have the time or energy to clean stalls, then veterinary equine boarding is a great alternative to consider.

Emergencies Will be Handled Expeditiously

If, for any reason, your horse has an emergency of any kind, you can rest assured that they will be in expert hands. Your horse that is boarded at a veterinary equine boarding facility will be surrounded by professionals and experts who will know exactly what to do, on the spot. At a veterinary equine boarding facility, a vet will already be in attendance, so there will be no time delay in getting your horse the medical care and attention that it needs.

Vaccinations Are Covered

It can be challenging to keep track of which vaccinations your horse has already had, and which ones they will need in the near future. But when you have your horse is boarded at a veterinary equine boarding facility, your horse’s vaccination schedule will already be set and managed by a professional team.

You will always be notified when a new vaccination or booster shot is required to keep your horse in good health. The vaccinations will all be done in the comfort of the boarding facility, where your horse is already comfortable.

You Can Sleep In

Many horse owners love their horses but don’t always love the lifestyle conditions they have to adhere to in order to care for horses. This is when a good veterinary equine boarding facility makes sense. When your horse is boarded full-time, you can sleep in. You don’t need to set your alarm and go out in the freezing morning cold to feed the horses and let them out to pasture.

Since others at the veterinary equine boarding facility are looking after the day-to-day needs of your horse, you’ll have some extra time to accomplish other things.

You Have Time to Relish Your Horse


When you are relieved of the day-to-day duties of owning a horse, you can relax and relish each moment that you do have with your horse. Instead of every moment being about feeding, checking hooves, and worrying about nutrition, you can simply enjoy spending quality time with your horse, bonding. You can be the one your horse looks forward to seeing because you are the one bringing toys, snacks, and giving your horse companionship and comfort.

Cost Savings

It cannot be denied that there are considerable cost savings to be had when you board your horse at a veterinary equine boarding facility. Even though you will still be paying for food and medicine, you won’t be incurring heavy monthly costs for land, water, staff, and more. You will be getting full-time care for your horse without much of the overhead of stabling your horse yourself.

Access to Amenities

Many veterinary equine boarding facilities offer amenities that offer value on top of full-time care. You’ll likely have access to things like an indoor or outdoor arena, riding trails that are meticulously cared for and maintained, rings, jumping fences, and more. All of these would take considerable time, effort, and money to construct on your own land. Yet you and your horse have access to them when you use veterinary equine boarding facilities.

There are so many benefits to veterinary equine boarding that it is worth considering, no matter how many horses you own. Whether you have a whole stable or just one loved horse, boarding at a veterinary equine boarding facility can be beneficial for both you and your equine.

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